Argentina: Blueberry season to be earlier in Tucuman

Argentina: Blueberry season to be earlier in Tucuman


September 8th 2015

Tucuman blueberry exports will start a bit earlier this  year due to weather conditions. Fernando Martorell, responsible for the  Institute of Productive Development (IDEP), said season was to start earlier this year. “We are entering a stage in which the blueberry cluster will start exporting , therefore  we are working and trying to be prepared as every year. From the private sector, we announce that probably by the end of this month we could be starting the operation that is ready every year in October and this year will surely be from 20 September onwards , ” he said, as mentioned by  APRATUC.  “It is quite possible that season is a bit earlier this year due to higher temperatures , but  that will depend how these do behave during the season, added to the fact that rains or other climate issues may affect the harvest,” he said.

Martorell said that this year, coming from the private sector , there are  very good expectations in terms of fruit. “Climate issues so far are accompanying because there was no frost in the winter months added to the fact that  we are adjusting all the logistics aspects which have an important impact  on final results.”he said. “We have been holding regular meetings, not only with Customs, Senasa, USDA, but also with the Secretary of Labor. We have had meetings with the deputy governor Juan Manzur, timely, to make all these arrangements see how it could be improved year on year “, he said.

He mentioned his will that  this year the blueberry industry  produces a larger volume of fruit. “That’s going to make us work harder, and see if we can meet the requirements” he reasoned.  The responsible from IDEP,  recalled that the exporting operation will be similar to previous years. “It’s about exporting the major part of the fruit from Tucuman directly , both to the United States and the European Union, either direct flights or with the alternative of flying to San Pabl, and using its hub “Martorell closed.

The Argentinean Blueberry Committee noted that the 2015 season looks very auspicious for the production and export of blueberries in the country. For this season, an increase of 5% over 2014 volumes are calculated as total exports amounted to 16,232 tons.

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